Bhartiyavidya is a curriculum-based digital classroom teaching aid designed specifically for teachers across government and private schools. It focuses on empowering the teachers to deliver a quality education and to enhance their teaching-learning experience.

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Bhartiyavidya is curriculum-specific digital classroom teaching aid. It has designed a small single video clip called "capsules," designed with animated graphics, images, diagrams, and pictures in subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, history, civics, geography, and environmental science for schoolchildren from class 1 to 12. 3-D images are used while preparing the capsules. The capsules are a representation of the 21st century classroom teaching; they consist of lesson planning and classroom management. The capsules are designed keeping in mind that the technology is not replacing the teachers' "teaching skill" — the capsules don’t have audio and are completely dependent on the teachers. It helps both the teacher and students understand the subjects better during interactions involving capsules. This way of teaching helps the children develop more interest in learning and is easy to comprehend, and the capsules help the teacher to explain more easily.


How it is done: lab installation in schools

A server is placed in a staff room or a computer lab in which the content or capsules are loaded. The server is connected to the Personal Computer (PC) inside different classrooms. These PCs are then connected to 29" televisions in each classroom. Often, schools choose to connect one PC in a classroom to a server placed in a separate room where they can preview the content in their free time. The teachers are trained to use capsules in their respective subjects, and the capsules are integrated into their day-to-day teaching.

Curriculum-specific digital classroom teaching aid, set of high-quality multimedia "capsules" prepared for lessons

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