Biblionef Book Donation Programme

Biblionef donates books to under-resourced students and adults in 11 South African indigenous languages.
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Biblionef donates new children's books, in all eleven official languages of South Africa, to under-resourced children across the country. Biblionef South Africa, the funding group and program facilitator, commissions reprints and increased circulation of children's books with positive, relevant messaging in indigenous languages otherwise overlooked by larger publishing houses. 

Relying on research showing that children who learn basic reading and writing skills in their mother tongue perform better throughout their educational lives, Biblionef commissions publishing and reprinting with local-language publishers and printers and focuses on African stories that children can easily relate to. Most books are written by local authors. 

Several times a year, Biblionef engages individual schools or communities in book drives and other events to furnish entire school libraries. When funding permits, teacher training programs are also offered in participating schools to help teachers master the use of the donated books. 

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