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The Chinansi Foundation aims to alleviate human suffering and social injustices by providing hope for socioeconomic development. Chinansi manages the Mwanawanga Early Childhood Development (ECD) project in T/A Msamala, Balaka District.

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The CHINANSI Foundation, with support from the Firelight Foundation, implements the Mwanawanga ECD project in the T/A Msamala, Balaka District. Since the inception of the project, CHINANSI has built the Sawali and Pilitu Community Based Care Centers (CBCC). Currently, the two CBCCs register 257 learners (165 female and 92 male). For children 3- 5 years old, the program takes an integrated approach to ECD programming by addressing issues of livelihood and child protection. For instance, CHINANSI Foundation engages CBCC learners' parents in VSL and irrigation agriculture to provide the CBCC with food and other necessary materials to maintain the center. Additionally, the CHINANSI Foundation is also building capacity for Community Child Protection Committees and Community Victim Support Units (VSU) surrounding the Pilitu and Sawali CBCCs so that the program can respond to and prevent child abuse.

Other activities at the CBCC include: furnishing of modern ECD centers, training of caregivers and ECD center management committees, provision of farm inputs to ECD centers for food security, provision of nutritious foods, formation and training of Self Help Groups (SHGs) for female learners' guardians, and construction and establishment of children's corners.

The CHINANSI Foundation uses a holistic approach towards ECD programming in which it integrates ECD with child protection and livelihood interventions. Insuficient ECD funding, food insecurity at ECD centers, low retention for caregivers, high poverty levels, mobility challenges for project staff

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