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Clevio Coder Camp aims to empower children to learn and create through computer games and programming.

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Clevio Coder Camp is run and managed by Clevio, a privately owned company that aims to use technology to leverage human talent for the greater good. The Clevio Coder Camp uses computer games and programming to help children learn and create. The program aims to develop learning skills through exploration and discovery; critical thinking and logic through analysis and problem solving; cooperation and social intelligence through teamwork; and competition and innovation through entrepreneurship. The organization aims to help parents and educators empower children and use children’s love of games and curiosity to help them learn and create.

The Coder teams work on the principles of a self-organized learning environment and project-based learning. During a typical classroom activity, one can see children working together in groups of two or three students per computer on educational game projects. The classes are held mostly at schools as extra-curricular activities during weekdays, local branches in communities on weekends, and at a Clevio-owned space on weekends. The community branches are provided by parents who believe the program should be made available in that area. Most regular and extra-curricular classes are held once a week for one or two hours.

Children, ages 6-15, across economic, social, and educational backgrounds are a part of the program. The program uses a cross-subsidization model to fund children from poorer households in the program. Those families who can afford the program pay a fee (monthly or one-time, depending on the package) to cover overhead costs of running and developing the program. Children in the program are coached (not taught) by coaches with an educational background in computer programming who are specially trained in coaching children in programming, character, and skill building. 

Clevio Coder Camp uses the fun of learning through computer games to develop 21st century skills in children, ages 6-15. Convincing parents that a) children can learn through computer games, b) that programming is not only for adults, and c) that girls can also be interested in and do well at programming.

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