A Community-Based Conscious Discipline Program to Reduce Corporal Punishment in the Caribbean

The program, also known as Saving Brains Grenada, is working to shift parenting attitudes and behaviors to support healthy brain development in children 0 to 3. The program trains paraprofessionals in the Conscious Discipline approach to support caregivers and promote positive parenting practices through regular in-home visits.

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DeliveryWindward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF)Early Childhood DevelopmentEarly childhood

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Saving Brains Grenada is a meme-building corporal punishment prevention project. The goal is to prevent violence against children in small island developing states, starting in the Caribbean, by improving self-regulation and attachment capacity in parents, caregivers, and teachers. They work with existing organizations such as UNICEF, the Conscious Discipline Foundation, Roving Caregivers, Ministries of Education and Social Development, and other NGOs. Saving Brains Grenada uses paraprofessionals and mobile units (Saving Brains Buses) to provide alternatives to traditional child-rearing practices that are detrimental to neurodevelopment and subsequent human capital.

Saving Brains Grenada's tipping point methodology is a bottom-up approach that complements top-down policy approaches. It is inherently sustainable because preventing violence against children builds capital and enhances population health. The extent of the global burden of violence against children is urgent and requires innovative prevention measures.

The program is utilizing an existing workforce of paraprofessionals and a highly visible mobile resource unit to support healthy child neurodevelopment through a transition in cultural norms. Key challenges include recruiting parents for participation and ensuring that the Rover paraprofessionals chosen to advocate for the Conscious Discipline™ curriculum remain committed to the program’s principles.

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