Community Education Support Project

Epworth Children's Village's Community Education Support Project facilitates the development of sustainable and positive relationships, academic achievements and forms of discipline in school communities. Through teacher and parent training, learner leadership development, and psychosocial support programmes, it strives to improve graduation rates.
2004South Africa

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The Community Education Support Project was designed in consultation with the schools and the management of the Department of Education, and has the following core components:
Training of school-based support teams and other teachers in most disadvantaged schools in discipline and crisis management, student motivation, and student skills
The training focuses on linking the school to the various local resources and services, and increasing teacher sensitivity to the needs of the children. It refreshes, sharpens, and operationalizes educators’ skills and knowledge in areas such as assessment and identification of barriers to learning, learning support, life skills, guidance and counselling, inclusion of students. Epworth Children's Village does this to strengthen peer and collective student support and include parents and skilled members of the local community. The project staff and teachers also coach students towards behaviours and attitudes that reflect a strong purpose-driven character through general instruction, psychosocial support, mentoring. They do this through incentive-based programmes.
Workshops for parents and/or guardians and increase their support and participation in the education of their children as demonstrated through increase in the numbers of parents present at school meetings, consultation days, school functions, sporting events, and participation in fundraising activities
This had lead to improved relationships and communication among teachers and parents/guardians to strengthen attendance monitoring. This has also been proven to improve attendance through targeted communications to parents/guardians.
Student leadership development through seminars for council members, class leaders and psychosocial support group leaders to equip them to help form and lead motivational meetings in schools
The students are trained in study skills, peer support, group dynamics, purpose-driven leadership, setting boundaries, goal setting, role modelling, and material content pertinent to particular thematic groups of their choices. This produces a group of exemplary learners to help influence positive behaviour in the generality of the students as well as increase retention and completion. The Community Education Support Project is launching a school-based newsletter to influence writing and reading among students in schools they work with.
Students’ motivational thematic group meetings
Students are supported to be directly responsible for planning and running their group activities. This strengthens peer support and develops leadership skills among students. The school becomes an attractive place for growth where students’ contributions are valued. The project encourages reading as a preferred method of entertainment; this includes newspapers, and internet.

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