Connecting Classrooms—Professional Development: School Leadership Mentoring Program

Connecting Classrooms Professional Leadership - School Leadership Mentoring Project is designed by the British Council to develop the capacity of school heads and school administrators across several areas of leadership.

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The School Leadership Mentoring Project (SLMP) is part of the British Council suite of Connecting Classrooms innovations.  It invites school leaders, head teachers and other education leaders to participate in a professional development program aimed at raising educational standards. In 2012, market research carried out across Nigerian schools demonstrated that there was a significant demand for improved school leadership capacity in order to ensure effective management of resources and outcomes for learners. The initiative is therefore implemented by British Council to develop the capacity of school heads in areas of leadership. 

SLMP is focused on connecting principals and heads of Nigerian schools to their UK counterparts. Heads of schools from both nations travel to each other’s countries to observe teaching practices, methods, techniques, and assessment.   Twelve courses and modules are offered through SLMP, and include:

  • Schools as Organizations
  • Communicating a Vision
  • Creating A Vision
  • Leading Learning
  • Building A Team
  • Leadership Styles
  • Self Evaluation
  • Community Engagement
  • Pupil’s Voice
  • Action Planning
  • Coaching
  • Managing and Leading Change.

SLMP allows teachers to learn and share experiences, learn about best practices alongside UK colleagues, and in the process develop their own solutions to solve local problems they are facing in areas of school leadership.

In October 2012, 18 Nigerian school heads participated in the program and shared the outcomes of their involvement in the project with a larger group of heads from 300 primary and secondary schools in Lagos.  

SLMP is part of several initiatives developed by the British Council to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigeria. To learn more about British Council's other programs, visit the CEI profile pages for the Connecting Classsrooms-School Partnerships and Badiliko Digital Hubs.

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