Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) for Girls aged 10-18 in Greater Kampala

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Viva, in partnership with CRANE, is implementing Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) for Girls aged 10-18 in Greater Kampala, Uganda. Launched in 2013, this program focuses on aiding marginalized, out-of-school girls (though other children in the community are also able to benefit from certain interventions).

In this program, 20 CLCs are set up within a 70 kilometer radius outside the city of Kampala. Out-of-school girls are able to attend classes at these no fee CLCs to focus on catching up on the education that they have already missed. Abridged curriculums focus on numeracy, literacy, IT, and the performing arts. With a low student teacher ratio in each classroom, 20 girls for every two teachers, there is a focus on efficiently learning the skills and knowledge needed to rejoin schools.

This program has so far trained 40 teachers to work in the 20 CLCs. All teachers within the CLC system are also registered teachers within the Ugandan education system. They are encouraged to use creative teaching methods while steering away from rote learning techniques. In August in September, teachers receive 15 days of training, and then an additional 15 days in January and February. Every holiday, teachers also receive an additional three days of training. Extensive teacher training is used by this program in order to combat a traditional, regimented method of teacher training that is typically more prevalent in the region.

This program also actively engages with local communities through community mentorship, sports, and a mobile resource library. 40 community mentors work with parents to encourage healthy, sustainable, educational practices. A mobile resource library has also been set up to move around the 20 communities, and a league has been set up so students can compete against each other in a range of physical and extra-curricular activities.

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