Dandelion Village Library Program

The Dandelion Village Library Program builds high quality, low-cost libraries in poor, rural villages in China. Each library includes 3,000 books, reading activities, and support for up to 1,000 students and teachers.

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Shandong Province, Anhui Province, Sichuan Province, Guangxi Province, Hunan Province, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province, Jiangxi Province, Zhejiang Province, Beijing, ShanghaiRural, Urban

Millions of children living in rural areas of China have limited access to reading material. Pass Love Charity Foundation (PLCF) established the Dandelion Village Library Program in 2007 to build libraries for primary schools in remote, rural villages. The program has recently expanded to build libraries for secondary school children and in urban areas.

The Dandelion Village Library Program model supplies each library with:

  • An inviting, decorated environment to create a safe haven for children
  • 3,000+ high quality, developmentally appropriate books hand-picked by education experts
  • Educational videos and materials for teachers
  • Enrichment activities that strengthen independent thinking and creative writing
  • Volunteers recruited from China's top universities to teach for up to one year
  • Teacher support that covers topics such as classroom management, reading instruction, sex education, and how to incorporate library materials

In addition to these individual library features, the Dandelion Village Library Program also provides the following benefits:

  • Regional village library networks that facilitate collaboration among teachers and librarians to share best practices
  • Professional development conferences and networking opportunities for teachers. A conference held every 6 months provides meals for 150-250 teachers to attend and hear top educators share their experiences
  • An online forum that allows principals and teachers to share progress and post updates about each library

PLCF currently operates one library in Shanghai that serves as a model for donors in urban areas to see the work being done in rural locations and hopes to expand its urban presence. Distinct from the program's rural libraries, city libraries operate according to a cross-subsidization social business model: during the first half of the day, people may pay to attend large events or have their children participate in activities; the library operates for free during the second half of the day.

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