Devio Arts Centre

Devio Arts Centre is a non-profit children’s art centre based in Ghana that uses a learning through play experience to promote holistic child development.

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Devio Arts Centre is a non-profit children’s art centre based in Ghana. The Centre uses an afterschool arts and learning through play experience for children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 18 years with the goal of developing minds, skills and talents important for holistic child development. The program integrates fun and learning to help children achieve their full potential.

The organization works in three spaces: training teachers in schools that want to integrate the learning through play model in their school, running after-school programs for school, and working in community centers in areas where there isn’t a school and high number of out of school children.

The after-school program provides time for students to practice arts, frequently using technology and play. For instance, participants learn how to use software like "Scratch" for designing, and experimenting with different forms of art. Some children have created their own characters and developed a comic book on sanitation. The program also works with volunteers from Google who serve as adult mentors and role models for young children.

The centre offers a 15-hour weekly program, a 6-hour monthly program, and a 8-hour weekend program in the local communities and at the premises of some partner companies.

The organization has a social enterprise model in which children from wealthier families pay fees, schools pay a monthly subsidized fee, and families from the lower quintiles either pay a subsidized fee or no fee depending on their income level. 

Devio Arts Centre is one of few learner-focused, informal education programs that fosters children's brain development in Ghana. There is limited public understanding of the importance of creative learning because of a lack of advocacy. The program is also seeking a strong team of local and international experts to advise and mentor the Devio Arts Center team.

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