Dignitas Project provides access to learning material and infrastructure support to children of school going age. They also provide teaching and leadership training for teachers so as to improve education outcomes in Mathare.

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Dignitas began its work to improve education outcomes in one of the most impoverished communities in Kenya. The main objective of this project is to develop instructional competencies for reading among teachers in Mathare so as to ensure that all children acquire the foundational skills required for academic success. In order to substantively address the sub-standard quality of education borne of classrooms lacking basic learning materials, untrained teachers and school leaders, and disconnected stakeholders, this project was established to address these challenges. By providing teacher training, leadership development to various education stakeholders, and infrastructural support, Dignitas Project's main commitment is to transform communities through education and opportunity.

The approach used to implement the activities is as follows: 

  • Train teachers to use teaching methodologies to build student literacy skills,
  • Support skills development by coaching teachers in classrooms,
  • Provide Kiswahili and English storybooks so that teachers can champion a strong reading culture,
  • Guide teachers in basic library circulation and book preservation skills,
  • Facilitate reading competitions and other learning activities among schools,
  • Organize workshops to help parents support their child's love of reading and learning.

Using a rubric (guideline) specifically developed for the community context in which it operates as an assessment and learning tool with school partners to improve education quality, school teams learn how to develop action plans to address persistent school challenges. Following this training experience, teachers, school leaders, and parents are provided individualized coaching and continuous feedback for two school terms in order to reinforce practices that lead to long-term growth and sustained impact.

The Leadership Institute (LI) recruits head teachers, teachers, and Board of Management  as teams for long-term commitment to improving education. Involving these groups is crucial to driving change at all levels of leadership. LI involves a three-year partnership, during which schools participate in four activities: an intensive three-week Leadership Training Institute, school-based one-on-one coaching, holistic professional development, and infrastructure support.     

Our approach is unique because it recognizes the capacity and potential existing within informal settlements and leverages existing resources to support community transformation and create environments where children can reach their full potential.

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