Dream A Dream

Dream a Dream is a professional charitable trust registered and based out of Bangalore working to provide young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 1999 with skills, career, and social development.

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Dream a Dream uses a child-centered approach to help young people overcome adversity and develop life skills.

The program seeks to improve outcomes for students through a collaborative approach that targets parents, teachers, mentors, volunteers, and more to create positive learning experiences in young peoples' lives.

The After School Life Skills Programme uses the medium of Sports and Arts to engage and develop critical life skills. Learnings from the ground are documented and brought back to inform, impact and transform our work with Teachers and Educators in the Teacher Development Programme.

The Career Connect Programme equips 14-19 year olds with information, skills and access to opportunities to make a healthy transition to adulthood. The program conducts career awareness workshops, run short-term modules in English, communication skills, money management, career guidance and provide access to internships, scholarships, vocational training and jobs.

The Teacher Development Programme engages adults to deepen impact on and unlock potential of young people, using a life skills approach to nurture empathy, expand their creativity, develop listening and validation skills and the ability to share with authenticity while also learning facilitation skills. The model has been adapted from the Creative Community Model developed by Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE).

And finally, the Volunteer Engagement component of Dream a Dream brings together community volunteers from corporates, colleges and larger society to engage and deepen impact on young people through their time, skills and role modeling. Volunteers can participate in one-off fun, experiential, life skills programs; participate in regular life skills programs; go for a 4-day outdoor experiential camp; become a mentor; run a fundraising campaign, make donations and offer pro-bono professional services. We also work with corporates on strategic CSR initiative involving employee engagement and pro-bono services. 

An integrated approach that connects students, teachers, and parents with mentors, community members, and training opportunities to improve learning outcomes.

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