Dwelling Places Interim School

As part of the Transitional Rehabilitation Home, the Dwelling Places Interim School provides targeted basic education and non-cognitive skills training to vulnerable out of school children with the ultimate objective of reintegrating these students into the Ugandan school system.

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Dwelling Places operates a comprehensive shelter to rescue, rehabilitate, reconcile, and resettle street children, abandoned babies, and high-risk slum families. Central to this model, the Transitional Rehabilitation Home includes both a boys' and a girls' home that each support up to 50 children at a time. At the Transitional Rehabilitation Home children attend Dwelling Places' Interim School, which provides accelerated education to ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills to successfully transition into the mainstream school system. This targeted remedial education program emphasizes basic education to ensure that every child at the home is able to read and write.

Beyond basic education, the program emphasizes non-cognitive skills including problem solving, manners, discipline, social and listening skills. Additionally, Dwelling Places identifies educational gaps for children struggling academically. Based on their demonstrated needs, these students then work with teachers at the Interim School to complete individualized learning plans and rejoin their peers

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