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Early Inspiration is an intervention program that provides training and support for parents and ECD practitioners to maximize young children’s learning and social adjustment capabilities in South Africa through facilitator training as well as a strong emphasis on family home visits for the most at-risk children & families.
2011South Africa

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Early Inspiration has multiple levels of intervention which are all regularly monitored & evaluated: teacher training, home visits, and a parenting program. In addition, the program provides teachers and pupils with a number of classroom resources which fit within the available resource budget.

The first phase of intervention is teacher training, which offers a level 2 skills program as well as a level 4 qualification in Early Childhood Development. Both of these are ETDP SETA accredited and provide practitioners with certificates which are recognized across South Africa. The training provides teachers with a thorough understanding of what to teach young children, how to teach them, and follows up on the implementation of the new knowledge and concepts. Teachers from ECD centers sign up for free training with Early Intervention after hearing about the program through word-of-mouth sources.

The second phase involves home visit interventions, which focus on individual children & their families. These children are the most vulnerable pupils identified by the teachers who have undergone the training courses and care for and educate the children in question. The educators pay visits to the children's homes and provide parental support as well as one-on-one interventions, stimulation and input.

The parenting program is made up of community-driven interventions where families, parents and caregivers are provided with knowledge, skills, and values to share responsibility and best understand their own roles in the children’s development.

A strong focus of the program is on creating sustainable interventions which are supported and driven by the community in order to promote a culture of excellent education support and development. Early Intervention relies heavily on community input and support for the program to be successful and self-perpetuate even after the organization's direct period of intervention is complete.

Early Intervention also offers a number of classroom resources to better equip the facilitators and parents to implement the methods learned in the classroom and at home. 


The program is holistic & has a strong emphasis on home visit interventions, meaning that children are supported at various levels. There is a strong focus on self-driven success & community input in order to achieve that success.Though a resource library has been created where resources are shared among schools, there remains a lack of physical learning resources which cannot be supplied by Early Inspiration owing to the demand or the overwhelmingly large classroom sizes

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