Edify supports the improvement of affordable independent Christian schools by expanding their access to capital through loans, then provides technical assistance to drive both pedagogical and operational improvements.
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Edify aims to improve and expand sustainable low-cost Christian education in the developing world. It does so by increasing access to capital for affordable independent schools serving poor communities, providing loans so that they can expand their capacity and provide services to a wider range of students. Loans usually range from $5,000-$10,000, and are typically used for enhancing infrastructure or increasing ICT capacity. Classroom construction is a common investment of schools that receive Edify loans, as it allows for increased capacity for additional students. Schools assisted are typically in low-income communities, and though they charge a fee for students to attend ($5-$20 per month), they frequently provide scholarships to students who cannot afford it.

Loans are sourced and managed by local lending partners (banks) and distributed to schools that integrate the Christian faith into their classrooms, and are generally led by individual entrepreneurs. In addition to its financial support, Edify offers technical assistance in curriculum development and teacher training, providing resources and materials according to schools’ unique needs. Often this work focuses on developing a curriculum that revolves around a Christian foundation, however it also includes innovative teaching methods and technology. In the Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Rwanda, Edify has partnered with a range of organizations to improve academic outcomes with the use of technology. Technology partners include: Open Learning Exchange, Innovations for Learning and its TeacherMate Software (an interactive phonics and literacy application for mobile devices), and Stanford University's SMILE project (an inquiry based learning tool delivered on mobile devices and computer labs). Additionally, another key piece of the Edify model involves training for school proprietors and teachers to increase their capacities as school and classroom leaders. School proprietors are trained on basic business and financial literacy skills as well as organizational leadership, while teachers receive instruction on how to best reach their students and how to integrate Christian principles into their lesson plans. 

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