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Education Media Company is a Moroccan start-up developing educational websites. It aims to provide secondary and post-secondary students with all the information they need to succeed in tertiary education, including career advice and exam preparation content.

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Education Media Company (EMC) is a Moroccan start-up that develops educational websites for Moroccan secondary and post-secondary schools students to facilitate their transition from high school to college.  EMC is in charge of both the content and technical support.
While Moroccan universities are increasingly competitive, secondary school students often struggle to find relevant information about the different career options they have, procedures they have to follow after high school, and exams they need to take to enter a certain school or university, among others. EMC was created in 2008 by a group of high school students to fill the information gap through online services. Today, it aims to become the first online career guide in Morocco. 
Education Media Company mainly operates through three websites:
  • is EMC’s first website. Launched in 2008, its main objective was to provide course notes and exercises for secondary school students to adequately prepare for the Moroccan Baccalaureate (Morocco’s national secondary school diploma). EMC creates some of the content — in partnership with Moroccan professors — and gathers other resources on the website (content created by schools, universities, the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training). While maintaining this feature, has progressively become a broader platform where secondary schools student can access the tools they need to make an informed career choice, such as career guides, information on scholarships, etc. In particular, EMC has created a web-TV where tertiary students and professionals present their universities or jobs to give a better sense of university and work-life. Both Moroccan and foreign universities are featured on    
  • was launched in 2013. This website is specifically designed for students preparing for post-Baccalaureate exams. In particular, EMC focuses on the entrance exams of the most popular schools in Morocco. provides information and tips on the application process. In addition, students can pay to follow online trainings to prepare for exams. 
  • builds on's success and was launched in 2014, at the start of the school year. Its goal is to provide similar content as but adapted to secondary school students preparing for their Baccalaureate and Regional examination — the other main exam that secondary school students have to take in Morocco. offers free information and tips, along with educational content for which students need to pay.
All subscribers to EMC websites receive weekly newsletters to keep them updated on applications and exam procedures. By generalizing access to educational content and information, EMC allows students to be better prepared for their post-secondary education and lighten their burden significantly, as all the tools they need are gathered on the same platform. 
EMC's websites have a considerable audience in Morocco, with about 10 millions unique viewers within 5 years. 
Database of post-secondary opportunities and online career guideEducation Media Company's biggest challenge is to build a sustainable business model while providing free information and services to students.

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