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Education Partnerships Africa (formerly Kenya Education Partnerships) is a UK charity and NGO through which students from UK colleges directly support rural, district secondary schools by providing them with resources and investment advice.

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Kisii, KakamegaRuralUganda

Education Partnerships Africa (EPAfrica) is a UK-based charity that collaborates with Kenyan and Ugandan public schools by providing partner schools with financial support and project workers (UK students) for 10 weeks. EPAfrica volunteers have to raise approximately £2000 before traveling to the country. They then invest the money in the school by training teachers, teaching school administrators about finances and leadership, and providing the school with a library and lab with equipment. In the first two weeks, volunteers evaluate each school's particular needs and decide how to spend the money during their 10-week stay. 

The project workers also help implement programs that focus on health and gender issues in addition to organizing extracurricular activities. EPAfrica's post-secondary program features local college visits, speakers to discuss job opportunities and careers, and counseling to help graduates succeed in the workforce.

Thanks to extra money raised by EPAfrica, volunteer project workers can now apply on behalf of partner schools for additional funding from three central pots reserved for electricity, water, and health issues.


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