Education Support Programme (ESP)

The program takes a holistic approach to supporting orphaned and vulnerable youth through education support, professional coaching, and job-sourcing.

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FinancingInternational Trust for the Education of Zambian Orphans (ITEZO)Education FinancingUpper secondaryBachelor or equivalent

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Since 1991, ITEZO has supplied secondary students from various schools in Lusaka with scholarships (school and exam fees), providing them with an opportunity to continue and complete their education with the hope that in the future they will be able to work to earn a decent living and move out of the poverty in which they find themselves. ITEZO recently underwent an organizational review and assessment. The need to track alumni was highlighted as well as the need for an innovative approach to address the issue of high levels of unemployment recorded in Zambia. It was clear that even following completion of students’ studies, there is no guarantee of employment to ensure that the poverty cycle is broken. The new Education Support Programme (ESP) works to ensure that beneficiaries of formal education scholarships are assisted all the way to financial independence.

The new strategy is to partner with organizations that support ITEZO’s cause, to invest in the human resource base of the educational support model and thus far have signed recruitment and coaching agencies.

Through the Gill Reeve Fund, a fund specifically aimed at girls, ITEZO now provides loans to successful applicants. The loan will pay for the education of the students, using resources from the Gill Reeve fund as a loan. After completion of their studies, they will work for a minimum of one year with an ITEZO partner organization. Each month, the organization will deduct the loan repayment from the graduate’s salary over the year, in realistic amounts, leaving enough for the graduates to sustain themselves. The employer will also contribute an amount to ITEZO as a donation or in kind. This will replenish the account.

To complete the education support model, ITEZO will also partner with a bank. As part of their corporate social responsibility, the bank will hold the Gill Reeve Fund and will not charge any fees on the account. The bank will be asked to offer a lucrative interest rate to be accrued on the initial capital. Finally, the bank will be asked to provide an annual financial literacy seminar and encourage students to open accounts with them.

The program works to ensure that beneficiaries are assisted all the way to financial independence. The funding model is sustainable and public-private partnerships are at the core of ITEZO’s approach.The restructured program is in its infancy and so major challenges have not been experienced yet. The anticipated challenge, however, is the contribution to the fund, but the candidates picked for 2015 have shown eagerness to contribute.

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