Edupeg works to improve teacher quality in South African primary schools through mentorship and capacity-building within the classroom environment.
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Edupeg provides quality educational mentorship and capacity-building to teachers in South African primary schools in the classroom environment. Mentors coach the teachers with concrete, practical, easy to implement techniques which teachers can use in their classrooms.

The content of the Edupeg programme is taken from the book Teach Like a Champion, written by Doug Lemov, which is currently regarded as best international teaching practice for improving learner achievement.
Edupeg has adapted these techniques for the South African context. They have also adapted the training videos using home language of the learners to make them accessible to teachers. Edupeg has selected 19 of these techniques which are appropriate for South African teachers and their environment and focuses on the following objectives:
- Classroom Behaviour and Culture: systems and routines, high behavioural expectations and building character and trust.
- Academic Ethos: setting high academic expectations, planning for success, lesson structure, pacing of the lesson and implementation of the CAPS document.
- Ratio (engaging Learners): building ratio: through questioning, writing and discussion.
- Checking for Understanding: gathering data and acting on the data

Edupeg schools are provided with thirty weekly support visits per year by a Foundation and Intermediate Phase mentor. These two mentors work with three teachers in their respective Phases, at each school, on each visit. Each teacher is provided with a reflective journal to support them in improving their teaching practice. Our mentors provide teachers with feedback on their lessons in the journal. This is followed up with a verbal feedback session. The mentors and their teachers select a technique which would assist the teacher in her practice. The mentor tasks each teacher with a technique to practice in the upcoming week. During the feedback session the mentor coaches the teacher on how to use this technique. The teacher practices and reflects on each technique in their journal and reports back on their progress. Once the teacher has successfully mastered this technique, the mentor then coaches the teacher on the use of the next technique.

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