EduTrac is a mobile phone based data-collection system developed by UNICEF with support from the MoES to collect real time data including teacher and student attendance and delivery of materials. EduTrac helps districts improve their education planning and provides better and more timely supervision to schools based on system reports.

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EduTrac is an innovative mobile phone based data collection system under deployment by UNICEF Uganda in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) since May 2011.

EduTrac is taking advantage of new communication infrastructure to strengthen monitoring of education service delivery towards improving quality of education in Uganda. It provides districts with a tool to identify bottlenecks at the school level, facilitates tracking of accountability for resolution of issues arising from EduTrac reports, helps to improve planning for education, while at the same time Edutrac complements the existing Education Management Information System.

EduTrac is set up as a real time information management system that is easy to deploy and manage without investing in expensive hardware.  It is an open source application that can be completely customized by any organisation. The system that has been developed can be used to collect any kind of numerical data via SMS, which is available on all types of phones and provides the results on a web based dashboard.

Phase I of Edutrac started in May 2011 and involved 4 months of data collection. This included registering and training 725 reporters at 275 schools in 4 districts.  This was followed by a redesign to increase ease and accuracy for reporters and some changes to the data collected. Phase II started in January 2012: EduTrac collected data from 17 more districts bringing the total participating districts to 21. Currently, work is being done to scale Edutrac nationally in Uganda to a total of 34 districts. 


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