Efiko (www.efiko.com.ng) is a mobile social, self-learning, and assessment platform tied to the school curriculum and designed to stimulate and personalize the learning experience outside of school. The application, available on multiple platforms, provides short, timed quizzes that seek to engage students to take charge of their own learning.

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Efiko (www.efiko.com.ng) is an interactive social testing platform that enables learners to take curriculum-based tests on their mobile phones. The tests, based on the national academic curriculum at the secondary level, are designed to stimulate and personalize the learning experience outside of school. The project was developed through CcHUB’s Tech-In Education Program which addresses the need for personalization and mass individualization of learning tools. Efiko includes topic-based learning and standardized content, randomized timed quizzes, instant scoring and ranking with a leader-board enabling students to see how they rank against their peers, social media integration, and geographical mapping. The project is currently undergoing a pilot demonstration of this engaging technology tool among secondary school students in four states of Nigeria (Lagos, Kano, Jigawa, Rivers).  The pilot aims to improve the learning experiences and outcomes of students, especially girls, in the pilot states.

The app is aimed at maximizing the use of mobile devices to:

  • Enable students to reach their potential through increased access to educational resources that extend learning beyond the capacities or limitations of their school or community;
  • Engage students in rich, compelling learning experiences that develop deeper knowledge and skill development especially problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills and;
  • Empower secondary school students to take responsibility for their own educational outcomes and explore new knowledge freely. 

The project addresses themes such as supporting transition to and retention in secondary education for girls and other disadvantaged groups, 21st century skills relevant to life and labor markets, use of education technologies and open educational resources. Efiko aims to enable the mass individualization of learning through the unique features of its web and mobile technologies that allow for an extensive community to exchange ideas and to learn from one another in a way not previously available.

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