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Elige Educar aims to improve the quality of Chile’s teachers through influencing public policy, attracting top students to enter the profession, and launching national media campaigns to enhance the societal perception of teaching.

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Elige Educar (EE) was created as a result of the realization that Chile’s highest-need public schools receive the lowest-quality teachers, and that teacher quality in general is low due to the fact that teacher training programs fail to attract the best students. Along these lines, EE promotes two goals: First, to combat the societal devaluation of teaching as a profession by making it an attractive career choice and second, to encourage high-performing students to become teachers.

Elige Educar pursues its mission through four activities:

1.    Attraction: EE attracts students scoring in the top 30% on university entrance exams to teacher training programs through two fully-funded scholarships: Beca Vocación de Profesor (a publicly funded grant awarded to 3,000 high performing students annually) and Beca Fundación Futuro (a year-long grant for talented professionals seeking to change careers). EE recruits applicants through school visits conducted by “intervention teams” of university students currently enrolled in teacher training programs, phone calls, and mass media campaigns.

2.    Training and Retention: EE scholarships are tied to a network of 25 universities with high-quality teacher training programs as well as 250 “vulnerable” public schools serving low-income students. As a precondition, scholarship recipients are required to teach in these schools for three years after completing training. EE is currently in the midst of working with partner universities to improve their teacher training programs and raise entrance standards.

3.    Research: EE evaluates internal performance and uses its findings to inform future policy proposals.

4.    Communication: EE aims to change society’s negative perception of teachers through extensive media campaigns (videos, TV ads, a weekly radio show, etc.) to promote the value of teaching and inform national debate.

What is innovative about Elige Educar is its successful partnership with the Chilean government (in addition to private corporations, media outlets, NGOs, and universities). For example, EE worked with the Ministry of Education to create the publicly-funded Beca Vocación de Profesor grant. In 2012, EE convened public and private partners to create a proposal which served as a framework for a government bill improving the working conditions of teachers. Through public-private partnerships, as well as links to an extensive network of stakeholders, EE has been able to achieve sustainable change on a national scale. 

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