eLimu has digitized the Kenyan national curriculum content to deliver an affordable and engaging app to primary children in Kenya. With an emphasis on digitally rich videos, animations, and games, the app promotes cognitive thinking skills, social consciousness, and IT literacy alongside academic learning.

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eLimu aims to improve the quality of education in Kenya by delivering a full curriculum through the medium of technology, thus making learning fun and engaging. eLimu has digitized curriculum content for Kenyan upper primary students with an emphasis on digitally rich videos, animations, sound clips, music, quizzes, stories and games. In addition to key curriculum-subject content, eLimu also promotes responsible citizenship through its extended learning content which covers health, sanitation, hygiene, personal financial literacy, and environmental conservation. This approach seeks to nurture a generation that is able to embrace technology for development and become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and reliable leaders.

eLimu partnered with developers, designers, government representatives, schools, teachers, NGOs, and educational consultants to create the best instructional design framework relevant to the local environment. The app has been piloted in two schools in Nairobi where students were provided with a tablet. Teachers were trained in how to use the tablet and app and a variety of methodologies were observed, including using the app as a whole class lesson starter or plenary, for group work, as an instructional tool delivering lesson content, and for independent learning. The program is currently gathering proof of concept by implementing the app in a primary school serving a low-income community in Embakasi. Positive learning outcomes in the form of exam scores, cognitive thinking skills, social consciousness, and IT literacy have been seen after just a few months of interactivity with the application. The eLimu app will be available to individuals and schools/institutions, and there are plans to increase content coverage to include lower primary and secondary.

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