Enabling Decentralization of Education Governance

The program facilitates systemic reforms toward quality education by institutionalizing processes of community ownership.

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Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, RajasthanRural

The program focuses on a holistic approach to strengthen the education system. Quality education is attained only when the education system is in its proper place, and the stakeholders are responsible for the significant changes in the education system. The role of the stakeholders (parents, teachers, and management committees) is very important; a positive change in the mindset of the parents, teachers, and management committee acts as a body to strengthen the education system. 

The program focuses on facilitating and strengthening these governing bodies through training and meetings. It supports the communities to work toward the development of public schools. The key components of the program are:

  • Creating structures for communities to participate and finding a means for communities to engage with the education system
  • Institutionalizing the structures and, in the process, building their capabilities to engage with issues of learning
  • Accompanying the structures toward institutional maturity where they are able to plan, implement, and review independently across various levels of governance
Facilitating and supporting communities to determine and work toward the development of public schools

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