Eneza Education (MPrep)

Eneza Education partners with schools in Kenya to track and assess students' knowledge using mobile phones. Students access educational quizzes and learning tools via SMS, which allows them to test and hone their knowledge, while facilitating the collection of data to better inform schools and parents about students' learning outcomes.

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Eneza Education (formerly known as MPrep) was founded by Kenyan teachers aiming to utilize SMS technology in the classroom with the goal of improving student learning. The program seeks to provide quality educational resources to remote schools in Kenya, and eventually in other countries. The technology provides students with a tool to study and learn, as well as a means to collect important data on students' learning outcomes, that can then be used to advise and inform both teachers and parents. 

Students in classes 7 and 8 use the mobile phone program as a study tool to take quizzes related to the national curriculum. They type an activation code into a mobile phone to start taking the quiz on a particular topic that is being taught in class. Students are directed to answer the questions and receive feedback, tips, and mini-lessons based on their answers. Teachers can track students' performances as the data from the mobile phones is collected and fed back to a central location, and made accessible to teachers and parents. This data can then be used to assist parents and teachers in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to provide additional support where needed. Schools are also able to access country-wide data of students' scores from other schools. 

Eneza Education is currently working on developing the SMS assessment system on topics taught in class, to a multi-media learning platform that is accessible to more schools and students through ICT. 


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