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English in Action works through mobile phones, the internet, television programs, print media, and peer learning to improve English language skills of citizens of Bangladesh.

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English in Action (EIA) is a bilateral English language education program between the UK government and the Bangladeshi government that is implemented by a partner consortium. The program officially runs from 2008-2017, with the goal of eventual institutionalization in Bangladesh.

EIA facilitates the learning and comprehension of the English language with low-cost technologies through two approaches: a schools component (primary and secondary) and a media & adult learning component, "BBC Janala."

After a study revealed that 84% of Bangladeshi people believe that they would see economic benefits to their life if they improved their English, EIA decided to make learning English more accessible to adults in Bangladesh. BBC Janala (“janala” meaning “window” in Bangla) is a multiplatform, self-conducted program that uses television, mobile phones, the internet, newspaper, and peer-to-peer learning to engage people ages 15-45 in learning English. Highlights of their programs include a TV drama and complementary English learning show, an English lesson that runs 4 times a week in Prothom Alo, Bangladesh’s most popular newspaper, and a mobile phone service that sends English lessons to mobile phones at nominal rates.

Under the schools component, EIA works with the Government of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Ministry of Education to lead in-service teacher training programs for primary and secondary school teachers. The teacher training programs stress the importance of using communicative language teaching in classrooms through various interactive activities. Training sessions last 2.5 days and teachers receive continuous support for the following 16 months. Every 6-8 weeks, teachers hold cluster meetings to strategize and discuss English classroom problems. EIA supports the professional development of teachers through provision of audiovisual and print-based materials. EIA also provides audio resources for students to be used in the classrooms. All EIA teachers and students' materials are closely linked with Bangladesh's English for Today textbook.

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