Eureka SuperKidz

Innovative after-school learning centers that impart quality education to children from the most marginalized families in Tamil Nadu.

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Eureka SuperKidz are after-school learning centers run with local resources.

Structured classes using local resources:

The Eureka tutors are selected from a village and trained to conduct daily evening classes in Tamil, math, science, and English for Standards III-V and Standards VI-VIII children. Being from the community, the tutors are motivated to help children from their own village learn better.

Focus on learning outcomes:

The tutors are trained to track and measure every child’s skill through a simple visual tool called the "skill chart."  Specific goals for each month are mapped along with the name of each child attending the center. Tick marks on the skill chart denote that the skill has been achieved by that child. Knowing the children’s learning levels helps the Eureka tutor focus on the required skills and give individual attention to the children who need it.

Material innovation and activities:

The design of any learning material is to make learning more enjoyable and, at the same time, to help children acquire the skills. The individual and group activities are also fine-tuned to ensure quick and visible learning gains, building a strong incentive for learning.

Parental involvement and accountability:

As the children progress, the skill charts are updated and the progress shared with the parents. The skill chart has proved to be a simple visual mechanism to help understand the children’s progress. It helps anyone who visits the centers understand the status of the center and acts as an accountability mechanism. Anyone from the community can check the children’s skill levels. These have helped the community understand the learning levels and get involved. Parents currently pay a fee that goes toward paying the Eureka tutors’ salaries. This has helped increase accountability to the parents and regular attendance by children.

After-school learning centers ensure quality education for the most marginalized children. An innovative aspect of the program is that the community members and women from the village are trained to measure outcomes and bring about improvement. Parent involvement and some local issues such as caste conflicts arise between tutors and children and parents, even though the tutors are from the same village and community.

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