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Experifun designs and develops affordable and curriculum-based next-generation science exploratory gadgets for use in regular classroom sessions. Designed in its research and development lab in Bangalore, Experifun products bring new technological capabilities to classrooms in India that are otherwise impossible through existing channels.

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Experifun products and training materials help teachers to engage students in the classroom by providing tools for innovative experiments and activities in science exploration. Its offerings are affordable and interactive, allowing students to gain hands-on experience that applies key science concepts to the world around them. Each kit supports the Indian State as well as international curricula (IGCSE and IB), enabling teachers to bring their subjects to life without utilizing any additional infrastructure. Experifun's key differentiators are its curriculum focus, classroom-centric model, affordability, design suitability for teachers and students, and innovation-driven product line.

inClass Product Suite | The inClass product suite helps students to gain a deeper understanding of how key concepts apply to the plants, people, and broader environment around them. Recognizing that students require more than just verbal instruction to be inspired by their teachers, the Experifun model enables students to observe and interact with materials that make traditional concepts like photosynthesis or electrical properties meaningful and fun.

Teacher Training | With each Experifun product, teachers are given user manuals, training videos, and the opportunity to participate in lesson-planning workshops. These instructional materials encourage teachers to develop class discussion questions, engage in dialogue with their students, and make them think critically about the concepts they explore.

Vision | By delivering quality learning tools to classrooms, Experifun seeks to fill key gaps in India's science education landscape. Its vision is threefold:

  1. To improve students' learning outcomes by facilitating hands-on interactions with science tools that are applicable to everyday concepts
  2. To provide a cost-effective solution for schools that demand better science education, but have limited technological resources
  3. To bring effective and exciting science education to remote areas in India

In 2013, Experifun was named a winner of the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (PALF) and Village Capital (VILCAP) "Edupreneur" Prize. 

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