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In Nicaragua, poverty is overwhelming rural, with 80% of the extreme poor living in rural communities. Rural children have no access to resources to stimulate development and often enter primary school unprepared, thus perpetuating the cycle of rural poverty. Fabretto seeks to respond to these challenges through quality ECD and teacher training.

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Fabretto Children's Foundation's program is designed to provide quality early education services for children (ages 2-6) in underserved rural communities in Nicaragua. Fabretto developed the program after years of experience implementing primary education enrichment programs, when staff observed that many students were entering the first grade unprepared. In Nicaragua, 43% of children do not enroll in pre-primary education, and over 70% of preschool teachers are not properly trained; both percentages are higher in the high poverty rural communities where Fabretto works. In response to this need, Fabretto developed its early education program, which supports preschool teachers and students at more than 80 public schools and at two Fabretto Education Centers. 

Fabretto trains public school teachers to improve instruction and provides key resources for classrooms. Teacher training focused on hands-on, play-based learning strategies that are inspired by proven teaching methodologies (such as Montessori and Enseñanza Abierta) and have been adapted to meet the needs of students in rural Nicaragua. In addition, teachers learn how to create their own creative teaching resources from locally-available supplies. By facilitating child-centered activities, teachers help preschool students develop the skills they need to succeed in primary school and beyond. In addition, children receive a nutritious school lunch to support healthy cognitive and physical development. The program also offers training and volunteer opportunities for parents, thus involving them in the educational community.

Fabretto's ongoing early education program receives funding from partner organizations, foundations and individual donors. Fabretto coordinates with the Ministry of Education to support public schools, and Fabretto's staff members work from several independent Education Centers. The Centers are strategically positioned within the target regions and serve as home bases for training, outreach, distribution of resources, and monitoring and evaluation.

Fabretto Children's Foundation's Early Education program is one of the 10 Champions of the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka's Re-Imagine Learning Challenge. 

Equipping Adults to Drive Change in Learning through Play: Providing creative training experiences for teachers, parents, and other community members that empower them to drive change for children in early education.

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