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FAWE's two Centres of Excellence (COE) in Kenya are a part of a larger group of 19 schools that provide gender-sensitive school management and teacher training and implement gender-sensitive curriculum.

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FAWE was established to advocate for and empower women through skills and education. To ensure retention and completion, FAWE developed the Centres of Excellence (COE) based at selected government schools in an effort to provide a conducive learning environment for girls to successfully complete their education. The two schools in Kenya are part of a larger group of 19 COE across Africa. The two Centers in Kenya are in partnership with Athwana High School and AIC Girls Primary Kajiado and include various components aimed at improving the learning environment for male and female students at those schools:

  1. Tuseme Youth Empowerment – This program empowers girls to be confident through drama and song and creates a forum for discussion where the girls can be open about issues they face. Peer educators also use the forum to counsel. Empowerment programs for boys discourage gender-oppressive attitudes and encourage boys to develop the self-confidence to promote gender equality.
  2. Science, Math and Technology (SMT) – This model trains educators to deliver SMT subjects to girls through provision of learning materials and sensitizations (in partnership with Intel). It also seeks to increase interest, enrollment and performance of girls in these subjects through science clubs, performance awards, field trips and role models in the industry.
  3. Gender Responsive Pedagogy (GRP) -  At the beginning of the year FAWE trains teachers on how to deliver lessons in a gender responsive manner to ensure girls are comfortable to learn including language, design and school management systems. 
  4. Bursaries – Offer financial support to underprivileged but bright and high performing girls to cater for fees, uniforms, stationery, textbooks and personal items.

FAWE has developed a training curriculum which they use to deliver trainings but hire consultants where required. The program also has begun to cater for boys by providing financial support through scholarships and bursaries to a select few.

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