Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar

A comprehensive and nationally scaled pathway for developing effective school management, which includes tools for self-evaluation and professional development.

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In 1999, Fundación Chile partnered with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile to create a model by which schools could evaluate their own performance. The model is unique because it is provided via a free online platform for autoevaluacíon (self-evaluation) based on mass surveys which students, parents, teachers, and principals can complete online. The evaluations are meant to serve as a diagnostic for future professional development and strategic planning. This has allowed the program to quickly achieve impact on a large scale: currently, 37% of urban Chilean schools have utilized the autoevaluacíon system. 

In 2005, Fundación Chile supplemented its evaluation system with a series of "competency profiles" for teachers and administrators as well as leadership training to create Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar (School Leadership and Management). The goal of the program is to strengthen management and leadership skills across different levels of a school system with the ultimate goal of improving learning. Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar provides a wide range of training courses for school directors in order to convert them from administrators to effective leaders. Many of these courses are provided via a partnership of academic exhange with the University of Toronto. Fundación Chile also provides online resources for teachers' professional development, which stress organizational management, pedagogical leadership, and teamwork. All content is informed by international best practices and adapted to fit the Chilean school context. 

Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar has achieved even larger impact by partnering with the national government. In 2008, the Ministry of Education adopted Fundación Chile’s autoevaluacíon system and competency profiles to use in municipalities across the country. The MOE also implemented the model as a component of a program which provides direct technical assistance to vulnerable public schools over the course of four years: Proyecto de Apoyo a Escuelas Críticas. Through this public-private partnership, Gestión y Liderazgo Escolar has been able to influence school evaluation and management on both the school and policy level. 

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