GetSetGo Women's Library and Learning Center

GetSetGo is a 24-hours-a-day library and learning center for under-educated women in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia seeking literacy and language skills to prepare them for entering the formal economy.

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Siem Reap ProvinceSiem Reap Province Peri-Urban, Rural, Urban
The GetSet-Go Women's Library and Learning Center is a unique, 24-hours-a-day learning hub for under-educated women in Siem Reap's urban center and surrounding communities. GetSet-Go's library opened in 2010 and its full-service center utilizes a computer lab, reading room, teaching kitchen, and ample education technologies to offer visitors an array of free classes on top of regular access to learning materials they cannot afford or find elsewhere. GetSet-Go's programs seek to fight gender disparity in education, better prepare women for the workplace, and prevent wage theft and sex trafficking. Founded in 2009, GetSet-Go pairs its women's advocacy work in Cambodia with its learning center's services which incorporate a range of subjects and skills development:
  • Education Technology is offered to library visitors in the form of computers with regular internet access, e-book readers, and pen-computer-based reading systems that facilitate self-paced learning for literacy and pronunciation. Additionally, educational videos on a wide variety of subjects are regularly screened. 
  • Free life skills coursework led by volunteer teaching staff covers subjects including internet communications, website creation and management, professional business skills, and English language and literacy. Other coursework that supplements basic skills learning include cooking classes that emphasize hygiene, safety and self-defense workshops, maternity health instruction, and identifying human traffickers and employment scams.
  • Rural outreach efforts are organized when funding and volunteer manpower becomes available. Volunteers, equipped with backpacks full of tablet computers and instructional materials, go into rural communities that lack regular internet access and means of traveling to the library. GetSet-Go plans to open Women's Libraries throughout Siem Reap and Cambodia and rely on these types of on-foot campaigns to provide expanded services around each. 
  • Staff training programs teach cost-effectiveness strategies for educational technology implementation in developing countries. 
GetSet-Go's library and learning center stays open late into the night for women who work exceedingly long hours. For clients who walk and bike in during the late night and early morning hours, GetSet-Go's learning materials serve as welcome stimulation and diversion after dull, low-skill work shifts. Clients use resources to improve their English literacy and speaking skills in hopes of entering the tourism industry where jobs are formalized and offer wages above meager, subsistence levels. 


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