Global Teenager Project

Connecting learners around the world through web-based classrooms

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Founded in 1998, global Teenager Project (GTP) offers collaborative global learning to over 20.000 students in 40 countries. Initiated and co-funded by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), TP offers thematic online Learning Circles to elementary, secondary and vocational schools, including schools providing special needs education. GTP Learning Circles are offered twice a year and incorporate themes based on the Millennium Development Goals.

GTP uses web-based classrooms to connect learners from around the world to discuss contemporary topics ranging from the environment to global health issues. Students are grouped into Learning Circles through a wiki platform. Learning Circles improve communication skills, enlighten students about other cultures,  and enliven the classroom while improving students’ ICT proficiency. GTP also offers teachers an online methodology course that teaches them how to incorporate Learning Circles in the classroom.

GTP Kenya, the Kenyan branch of GTP, focuses on teacher training on ICT to aid in the development of teacher materials. Fifty teachers have been trained on how to use basic computer applications and multimedia resources to enable them to take advantage of Learning Circles for their students. Eventually, teachers capacity is developed so they are able to develop their own teaching materials using ICT, broaden their network of educators through GTP, and secure technological resources such as donated computers for disadvantaged schools. Through continued partnerships with international students and instructors, GTP hopes to expand its programs to new demographics such as early childhood education.

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