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Bringing educational interventions to rural South Africa to promote digital, English, and math literacy and life skills through digital learning centers, as well as further training through career training academies.
2003South Africa

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Free State, MpumalangaPeri-Urban, Rural

Good Work Foundation (GWF) uplifts rural communities through access to world-class education. Its digital learning centers are made up of academies that deliver basic literacy and career training to school-aged and adult students. Open Learning Academies focus on English literacy, math literacy, digital literacy, and life skills for school-aged students. Career-Training Academies provide vocational skills courses and digital literacy tuition to adult students. In all areas, and collaborating with strategic partners, GWF focuses on delivering digital curricula, state-of-the-art facilities, and quality tuition.

About 90% of the current adult students are recent school-leavers who use the existing 12-month course as a “second-chance” bridging year. Included in that year is: (1) the International Computer Driving License certificate, an internationally recognized end-user Microsoft Office Suite accreditation; (2) an Adult Basic Education and Training-aligned “English for Business” post-high school program developed in association with Anne van Zyl (former St. Stithians and Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls headmistress); and (3) a leadership and life-skills program developed by GWF and supported by partners such as LifeCo UnLtd, Nedbank, and independent teachers, entrepreneurs, and volunteers. Once a foundation of English and digital literacy has been set, students are in the position to take advantage of the Career Academies that operate at a digital learning center (specific to the local economy where the digital learning center is located). Examples include the Hospitality Academy’s online, multimedia, and internationally recognized Lobster Ink program, which equips students with a thorough introduction to food and beverage management. The program also offers more specialized modules in wine, coffee, and front-of-house management. Students are also able to study further in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Academy. Along with an advanced Microsoft Office program, the academy offers A+ certification (computer technician) and N+ certification (network technologies, installation, and configuration).

For school-aged students, an Open Learning Academy has been established, allowing local primary schools to “outsource” their digital literacy (with a focus on math and English apps). These students have access to tablet computers, to fully licensed education-based applications, and  under the guidance of digital learning facilitators  for the first time, to technology that is focused on improving the “languages of access”: English and digital. The digital learning centers are positioned as educational and informational hubs that community members, learners, and teachers can draw on to empower and educate themselves using the latest technology. At the end of the year, young people should be more “employable,” but they should also be in a position to sit at a computer in any rural space and enroll in an online diploma or degree. For schoolchildren, the approach is to get them excited about learning, dramatically improve their math and English literacy using the latest education apps, and expand the horizons of rural students by giving them “access to the world.”

GWF supplements the existing education model with a solution that allows adults&schoolchildren to learn the “languages of access”–English & digital.Getting children excited about learning; improving their English&Maths Literacy using latest education appsThe Open Learning Academy program is funded entirely by GWF. It is very expensive to transport learners to the digital learning center every day. In addition, sufficient safety and security measures for the various digital learning centers are vital

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