GRADIF-K Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program

The GRADIF-K Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program promotes early learning for children by assisting ECD centers to develop cost-effective learning and teaching tools using available materials, providing health and nutritional support for children, and supporting capacity building for community members.

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Student supportGrassroots Development Initiatives Foundation-Kenya (GRADIF-K)Early childhoodPre-primary

Location Data

Laikipia, Meru, Tharaka, Embu, Mwingi, Malindi, KiambuRural, Urban

GRADIF-K is a foundation that seeks to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children and other marginalized community groups in selected poverty stricken and resource-scarce areas in Kenya, especially in rural areas and urban slums. GRADIF-K's Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program supports ECD centers through the following activities:

  • Supporting parents
  • Assisting in the development of local materials for learning and play
  • Hygiene education
  • Monthly monitoring of children’s development and referrals to appropriate institutions
  • Support in the construction of facilities for ECD classes

GRADIF-K emphasizes social protection in its ECD Program as well as in quality basic education and empowerment programs. This involves capacity building for both parents and teachers as an integral part in the development of children attending the ECD centers.

In addition, GRADIF-K runs a project that integrates the ECD Program with religious systems - Islamic Madrassa system - with the primary objective of reducing the age at which children join Standard One and complete primary school. This also reduces the number of children who drop out of school because they are older than their peers.

To promote effectiveness, scale, and sustainability of projects and programs, GRADIF-K partners with community groups, grassroots structures, government bodies, institutions of learning, the private sector, and individuals in the implementation of community-based poverty reduction programs that are integrated, age-appropriate, rights-based, gender-sensitive, culturally responsive, and environmentally friendly.

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