iiTablet Tshomiz

Uses online learning aids aligned to the local curriculum to improve the quality of the learning experience and address the skills gap in mathematics.
2016South Africa

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Eastern CapeMbhashe MunicipalityRural

In September 2016 the iiTablet Tshomiz programme rolled out, starting with an online interactive mathematics teaching and learning aid called MathsBuddy at Xhora Mouth Junior Secondary School. The program installed a satellite internet connection at the school, procured 35 durable tablets (with long battery life), subscribed to MathsBuddy for the use of the license and registered 65 grade 1s onto the system. Mathsbuddy is aligned to the South African CAPS curriculum and each child has a unique login for the programme. The programme records the progress of the learner (in live time) and adapts to each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

The programme at Xhora Mouth JSS uses the “teaching at the right level” (TaRL) pedagogical approach to effectively and consistently improve learning outcomes. This requires grouping the learners according to their learning level. The learners are then allocated tasks to complete on the programme which are tailored to their level and which they can complete at their own pace.

The running of the programme is facilitated by a project management team in partnership with the class teacher and supported by seven youth facilitators. iiTablet Tshomiz's facilitators are recruited from our community, have completed school and have a relatively good command of English. The program operates in an area with a very high dropout rate and with very few people having finished school. Given this, the program is committed to upskilling candidates who show promise yet for example, may only have progressed to grade 11.

A replicable “technology for quality education” program that makes excellent online programs widely available for a deep rural setting to effectively address the skills gap in mathematics.Rural area with no electricity or internet connectivity, and the most under-resourced schools in the country. Our municipality, Mbhashe was found to be the poorest in the last StatsSA survey.

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