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Ilm on Wheels aims to enhance learning achievements in mathematics for public primary school children in the remote areas of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, by providing access to online learning content and tools via a satellite-enabled Mobile Van.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)Balakot, Garhi Habibullah, MansehraRural

Ilm on Wheel's Learning Boost is a holistic program, implemented by TeleTaleem, that addresses multiple dimensions for exceptional improvement in teacher competencies and children’s learning outcomes in early to primary grade literacy, with special focus on reading skills and mathematics. The program is based on effective and sustainable use of technology to deliver learning in public schools. The program uses a satellite (VSAT) equipped, self-contained van, called ‘School Garee’, containing computer servers, Android tablets, a power-generator, UPS, and routers to bring technology capability directly to a school.

School Garee is used to deliver just-in-time teacher training which is synched with what is being taught in the classroom. A master teacher trainer delivers this training using a virtual classroom environment from a remote location. The van allows a master trainer’s expertise to be shared readily with a large number of remote schools (8-10 schools per cluster). The teachers are provided with Android tablets with pre-loaded materials and assessments so they have ready access to material being taught. Students and teachers are assessed on each visit of the van (once every two weeks, and a total of twelve sessions in an academic year) and the results are discussed between each teacher and the master teacher trainer who also acts as a mentor. In addition, Stallings-type class observation videos of each teacher are recorded and uploaded to a main system through the satellite link. Teachers’ classroom behavior is rated on a rubric and they are provided with structured feedback on how to improve their classroom teaching and management practices. Finally, the parents, community and educational administrators are sent SMS messages on the current performance of each child and classroom. This will help improve teacher accountability, transparency and promotes better governance.

Moreover, the program trains and involves Community Learning Workers (CLWs) who deliver reading camps and parenting sessions in communities. The reading camps follow a curriculum that compliments learning of early grade literacy and numeracy. The reading camps attract significant interest from students. These camps are also open to and attended by out-of-school children. 


Just-in-time trainings delivered incrementally and close to school, continuous and automated student assessment and teacher evaluations, instant feedback and reporting, scalable and sustainable ICT-enabled service delivery

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