Improving Learning Outcomes through Language Supportive Textbooks and Pedagogy (LaST)

LaST seeks to improve the learning outcomes of learners in the first year (Primary 4) after they have transitioned from learning in Kinyarwanda to English by providing language supportive textbooks and facilitating their use in schools.

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This program was piloted with support from the Innovation for Education Fund, a partnership between the Governments of Rwanda and the UK, managed by Cambridge Education


This project sought to improve the learning outcomes of learners in Primary 4 (P4), the first year after they have transitioned from learning in Kinyarwanda to English. Language supportive textbooks were developed and used in schools. P4 teachers and trainers at Teacher Training Colleges were trained in related language supportive pedagogical techniques.

The textbooks promoted the use of simple language and sentence structure while also allowing for language development through writing, reading and speaking activities. Kinyarwanda was used in glossaries and structured parts of the lesson. Science, Maths and Social studies authors from all publishers based in Rwanda were trained to develop prototype textbooks and teacher guides. Guidelines for publishers and textbook evaluators were also produced. Textbooks were provided to P4 learners in 8 schools across Burera, Kamonyi, Nyagatare and Ngororero districts and 48 teachers were trained in the use of these textbooks and language supportive pedagogy. There was a total reach of 638 students.

At the national level the project worked with MINEDUC/REB, publishers and the University of Rwanda College of Education (UR-COE) to embed key elements of language supportiveness into textbooks, pre-service teacher training and the wider policy and curriculum.

The proposed intervention is innovative in its collaboration with textbook publishers and writers, and a focus on the development of language supportive materials to improve children’s learning outcomes across the curriculum. English language fluency is a major barrier to learning at the upper primary level, most especially for children from low socio-economic backgrounds living in rural areas. English-medium subject textbooks in Rwanda are often not readable by learners.

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