Increase in Enrollment and Learning through Demonstration

This IRM project is enhancing learning achievement by testing a model of Peer to Peer (P2P) learning and increasing student enrollment by forming and training mothers' groups.

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Punjab MuzaffargarhPeri-Urban, Rural

This program is testing two approaches with the aim of improving student learning achievements and of increasing enrollment.

One approach is to introduce Peer to Peer (P2P) learning at selected public schools in grades 6 to 8.  Community Outreach Education Officers (COEOs) selected by IRM identify the three best performing students in each of the target classrooms by assessing them in English, Math, and Urdu.  These students (from Grade 6 to 8) are coached to become student mentors and are assigned peers whom they assist with their studies. Coaching takes place on a monthly basis, in-between classes, and follows regular textbook material in order to improve student performance according to the school curriculum.

Three resource corners are established in each target class (grade 1 to 5); each corner contains supplementary learning material for one of the three subjects. The resource corners are regularly maintained by members of the peer group and teachers.

The second approach being applied is to enroll out-of-school children through the active participation of the community in the form of mothers' groups, which conduct door-to-door enrollment campaigns. The mothers are selected after an initial assessment based on set criteria, particularly focusing on engaging those mothers whose children are already enrolled in school. They are then provided with training and orientation on the roles and responsibilities of seeking to increase children's school enrollment through dialogue with parents and other stakeholders. 

The teachers of the targeted schools participate in orientation workshops regarding P2P learning, resource corners, and the identification of mothers for mothers' groups. Since the program's primary methodology is the introduction of new forms of organization, endorsement of the program by teachers, parents and students is a key factor in the program’s future sustainability. 

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