INJAZ Company Start-up Program

INJAZ's Company Start-up Program works with youth to develop their own companies through a theory-based and practical curriculum. It offers numerous work-readiness and skills workshops that engage both the public and private sector. It culminates with a national competition in which selected student enterprises are incubated and then sustained.

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The INJAZ Company Start-up Program seeks to refine students' entrepreneurial skills by helping them to organize and operate their own start-up businesses. The program operates in 38 institutions of higher education, both public and private. Student companies span a wide range of sectors, such as education, childcare, technology, and food service. Overall, the program focuses on three different dimensions: theory, practicality, and sustainability.

  • Theory | The Company CourseCourse instruction is based on a practical, theory-based curriculum that provides students with the necessary tools to build and sustain a business. Students also receive guidance from private sector volunteers who provide direction, support, and advice from their own industry experiences. Students then conduct a needs assessment of the market, collect capital from shareholders, and develop a service or product to sell. Students also participate in trade fairs during this phase where they are able to expose their product or service to prospective clients. 
  • Practicality | The Company Competition - After developing their business, students are automatically screened into three different levels and entered into a nation-wide competition where they gain practical business experience. Throughout the competition, they develop presentation skills, problem-solving skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of investment. After first, second, and third place winners are announced, students are asked to liquidate their companies and split the profits among themselves and their shareholders. Ultimately, the competition seeks to refine management, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills as well as impart the values of teamwork and perseverance upon its participants.
  • Sustainability | The Enterprise Development Program Competition winners advance to the third and final phase of the program, where they are assisted in sustaining and growing their companies. INJAZ serves as a "mini-incubator" in which students receive technical, operations, marketing, human resources, and raw materials support. They also receive assistance with linking to Angel Investors or investors from the INJAZ Board of Trustees. This maturation period can last up to two years and each year, a minimum 20% of student companies are incubated and sustained.

The INJAZ Company Start-up Program was created in 2011 at which time its capacity allowed for the participation of 5-10 student teams. A recent partnership with the Ministry of Planning allowed for 50 teams to compete in its first year and 75 in its second year. In the 2014/2015 year, the program anticipates that 100 teams will participate.


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