Integrated Child Development Program

This intervention provides materials and trains frontline government service providers (health and welfare assistants/visitors) to incorporate early stimulation messages and practices into existing health and nutrition work with parents of children under 3.

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Meherpur, Satkania, Muladi, KulauraPeri-Urban, Rural

This intervention targets vulnerable children under 3 who are at risk of malnutrition and developmental delays, and whose families live in conditions of poverty. Frontline government service providers receive 4 days of training using a curriculum focused on the integration of health, nutrition, and early stimulation and using a packet of materials that include child development cards and a promise card. Child development cards are divided by age (e.g., birth to 6 months, 6 to 12 months) and visually depict the activity that parents are encouraged to conduct with their child including health, nutrition and early stimulation activities focused on communication and play. The promise card includes 12 activities that parents promise to conduct with their child, which they report on with their service provider at the next meeting.

Early stimulation messages for families with children under 3 were incorporated into existing governmental services focused on nutrition and health. Already heavy workload of government frontline workers and the added burden of incorporating early stimulation messages; parental understanding of the benefits of early stimulation and fathers' support in particular; monitoring parent-child interactions.

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