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I Choose Life Africa through the 'Jielimishe' (Swahili for 'educate yourself') GEC Project seeks to improve school attendance and learning for vulnerable girls through an integrated intervention. This project will be implemented by three other key partner organizations: Kenya Red Cross Society, SOS Children's Villages Kenya and Mothers & Daughters. The Project targets 10,050 marginalized girls in classes 4 to 8 (primary school)  and in form 1 and 2 (Secondary School); and unenrolled girls aged 9 to 16 years old in three select counties in Kenya namely, Laikipia, Meru and Mombasa. The project is funded by the UK governement through DFID as part of the Girls Education Challenge. This project seeks to target the girl herself, the girl in school, the girl at home and the girl in her community. 

The objectives of the initiative are as follows:

1. To strengthen target communities to develop mechanisms that encourage girls to attend and stay in school 

2. To strengthen schools' management system, teaching and policies to ensure girls stay in school and learn

3. To improve school infrastructure through increased resource mobilization 

4. To advocate for full implementation of Ministry of Education pro-girl policy 

5. To motivate and inspire girls to stay in school through mentorship


To this end, the project will do the following: 

  • Improve the capacity of school management committees to raise funds and form corporate partnerships
  • Strengthen the role of families and communities to encourage girls to pursue education in 60 communities
  • Strengthen schools to improve the quality of education through providing training to teachers in curriculum delivery and gender responsiveness; training management committees in gender policies and training teachers in use of data for decision making
  • Mobilize resources to improve the physical infrastructure of schools to ensure girls attend, stay in school and learn
  • Implement Ministry of Education pro-gender policies to improve the quality of education. These include: School Management Committees, the Back-to-School Policy (for young mothers) and the Sanitary Towel Provision policy
  • Improve the positive portrayal of women to ensure girls stay in school and learn by training secondary school students as life skills peer educators and establishing mentoring clubs
  • Host large motivational mentoring events for girls to inspire them to stay in school and learn
  • Track student and teacher attendance, student performance and other metrics through a biometric system which will be rolled out to all 60 intervention schools


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