Keeping Children for More Number of Years in School

The program aims to empower children to make the right choices for their health, education, and livelihood.

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The program intends to make a difference for the underprivileged children of society by spreading awareness about tobacco use. A creative curriculum is developed and embedded in the education levels in every class. Various programs start captivating children from Grade 5 onward. The pilot employment-relevant skills development program will reach the child from the last year of his or her upper primary school level. This will help keep the children in school for more years than the national average. This will be an in-school, three-year focused intervention program that focuses on developing 21st century employment-relevant skills and expose the children to industrial training. 

The program works in a two-pronged approach that attacks the problem of high dropout rates and provides solutions for the defined problem. The program introduces the idea of skills development to children at an early age and gears them up with skill sets that will empower them mentally and physically and more importantly make them financially sound for the future. It enables the child to complete his or her higher education and learn employment-relevant skills from industry experts. 

The program introduces employment-relevant skills training as a compulsory subject in school with support from the Maharashtra state government (approval available for 50 secondary schools). The program is blended with a conversational English program and basic IT-computer training. 

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