Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP)

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The Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) is implemented by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and the Windle Trust Kenya (WTK), and aims to support girls in northern Kenya, both in and around the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps. Girls in these areas are considered to be particularly vulnerable and in need of support. Opportunities to access quality education in schools are very limited in these areas and support for girls’ education is very low in the communities relative to that for boys.

In four target communities, KEEP will work towards the creation of girl-friendly school environments (e.g. ensuring separate latrines for girls), and fostering parental and community support for girls' education. The project intends to reach around 47,500 girls. With its aim to increase female enrollment in schools, KEEP will support girls financially with scholarships as well as with school materials such as uniforms, solar lamps, and sanitary products. KEEP will also provide remedial tutoring for girls. The project, still in its early phases, will operate in 75 primary and 14 secondary schools. KEEP aims to increase girls’ access to education and improve both quality and access to formal and non-formal education. KEEP will work with experts in the field of social change and community mobilization, and seeks to generate support for girls' education through using participatory social media campaigns (including through SMS, radio, and films). 

KEEP considers the continuous involvement of parents and the wider community as absolutely essential to their education work with girls. Engaging men and boys in targeting gender issues is one of their key approaches. KEEP also intends to work with role model individuals who have attended university in Canada to feed back their experiences into the wider community and to be a leading example and motivation for female students in the area. 




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