Kenya Youth Empowerment Project

The Government of Kenya (GoK), with the support of the World Bank, implements the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project. This project has two main components: private sector internships & training and capacity building & policy development. The objective of the project is to support the GoK to improve youth employability.

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Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has a mandate from the Government of Kenya (GoK) to implement a pilot training and internship project targeting approximately 11,000 youth over a 4-year period (2011–2014) with a focus on the six priority growth sectors identified within Vision 2030: Energy, Finance, Tourism, ICT, Manufacturing, and Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE). The key project outcome is to ensure that at least 50% of interns are employed or self-employed six months after internship completion. The project is implemented in cycles (each is 6 months with 3 months training and 3 months internship). Those eligible must: be 15-29 years of age, have had a minimum of 8 years schooling, have been out of school for at least one year, be unemployed, and not have been selected in previous cycles. Applications are made through an online portal or paper application forms. Eligible youth are thereafter randomly selected and vetted.


Private sector employers provided input on the training curriculum to address the mismatch between trainings offered and employer needs. The trainings offered are 2 weeks Life Skills, 3-5 weeks Core Business Skills,  2 weeks Entrepreneurship Skills, and 3-5 weeks Sector Specific Skills (MSE, Tourism, Energy, Manufacturing, ICT, and Finance). Additionally, over 500 master craftsmen have been trained to mentor interns in the informal sector. The trainings are conducted by third party training providers contracted by KEPSA.

Workplace Internship

Following training, the trainees proceed to internship. KEPSA seeks internship opportunities with various employers, ensuring their interest in taking interns from KYEP. KEPSA thereafter matches employers' requirements with interns' qualifications, skills, and interests. Youth are given an opportunity to choose their preferred areas of internship and undergo placement interviews with the employers. The youth have an opportunity to attend up to a maximum of 3 interviews and for those who are successful, proceed for internships.  After internships, the interns can either secure employment with the internship employer, secure employment elsewhere, or start their own business. 

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