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Khud employs sustainable education technology to overcome challenges faced by lack of teachers or teacher quality, in order to stimulate creative thinking and create more independent learners in marginalized schools and communities.

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Khud aims to accelerate the learning of marginalized and underprivileged children utilizing technology. Simultaneously in localities where its projects are launched, Khud is also active in promoting education, sustainable development and organizing awareness campaigns.  According to Human Development Report 2014, Pakistan ranks 146th in the world on the Human Development Index. One major cause of this poor indicator is Pakistan’s weak educational system, with 25 million children not attending schools. Conservative estimates state that the current situation will require nearly 1.25 million teachers. Here, the quality of teachers is another major problem. The children that do go to schools are not exactly getting a quality education. The archaic rote-learning based system simply cannot stimulate the students enough, and this fails to produce learners that are independent and productive.  Technological components such as laptops, desktops and internet facilities are provided to connect the under resourced schools with the internet. Utilizing agile learning, the educationists at Khud craft well thought projects and curriculum for the students.

Khud is not reinventing the learning wheel, rather the organization has taken inspiration from existing models. Khud takes much inspiration from Dr Sugata Mitra’s works, much like them, there is a stress on asking unique and creative big questions that blossoms imagination and self-learning in the heart of young learners. As much of the content available on web is in English, the educationists and researchers at Khud are right now developing an accelerated English training curriculum that can bring the young learners at par with high school graduates.

The pilot for the project was launched in 2015 in Lahore. The scale-up began in early 2016, Khud created a partnership with a local NGOs and Pakistani expatriates from US, and the Badamibagi Traders Union provided most of the funds required for project. With these finances, state of the art computer lab has been set up. A vocational school run by the in vicinity of Mughalpura, Lahore is also being targeted. The young ladies (early 20’s) are self-learning how to use computers: photo editing, researching, blog writing & website development.

Employing sustainable education technology to overcome challenges of a lack of teachers or teacher quality.Building partnerships with local NGOs to roll out our innovative program in their schools, and creating a pedagogy deck within them.

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