Kibera School for Girls

The Kibera School for Girls is the first entirely tuition-free primary school for girls in Kibera. It provides access to education for the most vulnerable girls. The school prepares its students for higher education and skilled jobs, enabling girls to be academically qualified for scholarships to government boarding schools.

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The Kibera School for Girls (KSG) is the first school specifically for girls in Kibera and the only free school in the area. This school serves the neediest girls, focusing on those most vulnerable to a life of prostitution and sexual abuse. The primary school offers the Kenyan education curriculum. However, instead of implementing a teacher-centered pedagogy, where students passively listen and demonstrate knowledge via exams, the Kibera School has enlisted education specialists to help design an innovative curriculum: capitalizing on how children best learn. Starting at the age of 4, students are exposed to quality education through these small classes, teachers who serve as positive role models, and student-centered curriculum. This hands-on curriculum fosters independence and creativity.


The overarching program aim of KSG is to reduce gender inequality in urban slums by improving socio-economic opportunities for bright yet disadvantaged girls through high quality education.  KSG currently serves students from Pre-K – 6th grade and will continue on to 8th grade in the next two years.  While KSG will not provide education after girls complete their 8th grade year, the program will continue to support girls after they graduate up until they reach university.


Community members helped build the school, which includes thirteen classrooms, a large library, and a great hall. The school also provides students with after-school programs and psychosocial support to prevent rape and abuse as well as address any existing trauma. Run by a staff of expert female teachers, the school gives students and community-members positive female role models. Instead of paying fees, parents agree to work at the school and community center, which creates a community of caregivers invested in their daughters’ education. The school's library services are also open to the community, and will offer employment to female adults of Kibera.


KSG is primarily funded through individual donors, foundations, and revenue gained through Shining Hope for Communities’ (SHOFCO) WASH facilities.  Many individual donors choose to become sponsors, which play a pivotal role in supporting students at KSG. Sponsorships enable SHOFCO to provide children with educational, nutritional, medical, and psychosocial support. 


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