The Kilgoris Project

The Kilgoris Project is a Christian faith-based organization that works with a local Maasai community in southwest Kenya to provide children with education, food, and water, and to foster economic development.

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The Kilgoris Project works to support the education of children in a Maasai village in the southwestern region of Kenya.

The project, started by partnering with a local church to establish a pre-school in a Maasai village. Providing scholarships and charging fees on a sliding scale meant that many children in the village had access to education for the first time. With local community support the project expanded and 2 primary schools and 4 pre-schools are currently in operation, supporting approximately 800 children with education in the region. The schools now operate on a sustainable model, whereby income from the Kilgoris tea farm covers teacher salaries and school expenses.

Alongside the national curriculum, Kilgoris seeks to provide children with educational opportunities for creativity and exploration. In 2011 the Kilgoris Project partnered with Worldreader and implemented electronic readers (Kindles) to improve reading, comprehension, and language skills in their schools. In 2013 Kilgoris partnered with Seedlight and The Plus One Collection to introduce digital cameras and photography training for the students. The Kilgoris Project focuses on school readiness but also considers career and life readiness to be essential skills. As a result they have currently introduced a "Careers Day" in their schools that aims to help children imagine themselves beyond the limits of where they see themselves at the time.

The needs assessment regarding the organization’s main focuses is strongly based on their cooperation with a school board that is made up of school children’s parents. 

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