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Know Zone is a locally produced TV series that aims to raise the educational standards of young Kenyans by improving their grasp of literacy and numeracy in line with the Kenyan primary school syllabus. It also equips youth with life-skill messages ranging from environmental issues to peace building initiatives in a contextually relevant delivery.

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Know Zone (KZ) is a locally produced TV series that aims to raise the educational standards of young Kenyans. It was first created by Mediae for Standard 4 students to support them in their transition to English. The series now has three separate programs: one for Standard 2, one for Standard 4, and one for Standard 6. Programs are broadcast throughout the year on a Saturday morning on Citizen TV, reaching audiences in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Mediae coordinates all stages of delivery including, but not limited to, pre-production research, script writing, filming, and broadcasting, show publicity and promotional materials, supplementary educational materials, monitoring tools and evaluation.

The series content is developed in conjunction with the current Kenyan curriculum. It seeks to complement lessons and act as revisions of the week’s work. Key focus is placed upon enriching numeracy, literacy, and life skills in a contextually relevant way, such that children in East Africa can relate to the TV characters and engage in learning in a fun and exciting way.

Key learning components of the TV program include:

  • Drama: Every episode focuses on the adventures of seven children who represent a range of different Kenyan identities and work together solving mysteries and challenges. English, mathematics, and social issues are contextualized within the drama.
  • Studio Learning Zone: Guests from the target age group participate in games and practical activities to explain and illustrate key mathematics principles and English principles in creative ways.
  • Creative Zone: A section dedicated to encouraging creative activity through art, dance, music, or poetry.
  • Out There: A trip to a place of interest such as a soda bottling factory or a traditional community. Different regions of Kenya representing different ethnic groups are visited. Such places may not be easily accessible to children but are relevant to the topic being taught as the focus of the syllabus at the time.
  • Environment Zone: Dedicated to all relevant environmental issues including climate change adaption, delivered in an age-appropriate way.
  • Holiday Episodes: During holiday periods the schedule is more flexible, allowing the program to address key social issues such as health or school dropout and developing 21st century skills, such as problem solving and creativity.

In support of the TV series, Mediae operates an SMS system, where the audience can text in to receive a termly workbook and learning leaflets and asking specific questions to Mediae team and teachers. The program is also linked to teacher training and shares resources with teacher training colleges as well as schools. To ensure that activities and games are designed with easy and practical duplication in classrooms around the country, a steering group has been established, comprising teachers, parents, and students. An online portal is currently being developed, which engages learning and interaction beyond the TV series. Episodes are hosted on the portal, and it has potential to host other relevant educational material extending from the early years through to university.

Research forms a key component of KnowZone. Usage is carefully monitored to understand which elements of the program are most enjoyable and which elements raise learning outcomes. This is then used to inform future script writing, content, and approaches.

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