Kuepa provides affordable online and real-world classes to help low-income individuals in Latin America and the US complete GED, vocational, and technical skills programs.

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Kuepa began in Argentina in 2011 and expanded to branches in Colombia, Mexico, and the US. The company offers online courses that allow youth and adults to complete their GEDs and recieve vocational and technical degrees, helping to reduce unemployment in Latin America. Since its creation, Kuepa has served over 30,000 learners.

Kuepa provides education at a low cost through a sustainable financing model that focuses on graduating more students over raising fees through a combination of outside investments and student payments.

Kuepa's learning model caters to indiviudals who work full-time and do not have the resources to attend college. The blended learning model Kuepa uses teaches approximately 60-75% of learning material online and the rest through physical classes. Tutors are also constantly available to provide online assistance to students through a variety of media.

Kuepa's online courses use innovative adaptive learning technology. The classes keep track of when students are logging in, their average progress per lesson, their learning outcomes, their assessment results, how far they are in their lessons, how often they chat with tutors, and their overall satisfaction in real time. The lessons will then adjust accordingly to teach students at their own pace. Another feature, Camino Aprendizaje, suggests what material students should review or advance further in.

Kuepa uses a combination of online and real-world classes along with a data-driven adaptive learning platform that customizes lessons for each student.Reaching lower income individuals with online courses is difficult because of connectivity issues and lack of experience with technology.

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